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“ Daily Tour ”


The Hagia Sophia of Trabzon: By far the most important historical monument in Trabzon,

the monastery church of Hagia Sophia deserves a leisurely visit and extended enjoyment.

It is far enough, at the western edge of the city, to justify a taxi ride. In the early hours of the morning,

one can combine the beauty of the morning sun on the Black Sea and the peace of the short period before the arrival of tourist buses.

Ataturk Pavilion: The Atatürk House is an extremely graceful art nouveau residence whose whimsical design deserves to be

cited among the best examples of the architecture of the period anywhere in the world. It was built in 1903 for the

Greek banker Constantine Kapagiannidis, and served as his home at a time when his name figured prominently among

the political leaders of the imaginary Pontic Republic. It was abandoned in 1923, when another, very different, republic

carried the day,It lodged Ataturk during his first visit to Trabzon in 1924. It was presented to him as a token of the city's

gratitude on his third visit in 1937 and is now a museum. Both the building and the grounds remain in immaculate

shape, tended by an army of keepers. Displays include an excellent collection of period furniture,

interesting unpublished photographs of Ataturk

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